Thursday 26 July 2018


            He was born in Radom.  He studied at yeshivas and had a profound knowledge of Talmud and its commentaries.  He also excelled at music and painting.  He was active in Agudat Yisrael in Radom.  In Warsaw he ran the humor division of Dos yidishe togblat (The Jewish daily newspaper).  He was also editor of Dos kleyne togblat (The little daily newspaper).  He wrote under such names as: Alef Kats and Pele.  In book form, he brought out a collection of Hassidic Geklibene perl fun der toyre (Selected pearls from the Torah) (Warsaw, 1938/1939).  In his last months during WWII, he translated into Yiddish (in verse) religious texts by Yedaya Hapnini.  He died in the Warsaw Ghetto.

Source: M. Sh. G., in Seyfer radom (Volume for Radom) (Tel Aviv: Irgun yotse radom beyisrael, 1961), pp. 117-18.
Yankev Kahan

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