Tuesday 17 July 2018


HERSHL PINSKI (1900-1934)
            He was born in Pinsk.  He attended religious elementary school and public school, and later he was active in the right Labor Zionist movement and in Haaluts (The pioneer).  In 1925 he made aliya to the land of Israel, and until late 1929 he worked on the land.  Over the years 1930-1932, he went on assignment for Mapai (Workers’ Party in the Land of Israel) to Poland, before returning to Israel.  From 1933 until his death, he served as secretary of Mapai in Haifa.  He published articles on Zionist and youth issues in: Folk un land (People and nation), Bafrayung (Liberation), Bafrayung-arbeter shtime (Liberation-Voice of labor), Hakhaluts (in Yiddish), and Dos vort (The word), as well as other Labor Zionist publications in Poland.  In addition, he placed work in Davar (Word) and Hapoel hatsair (Young laborer), among other serials, in Tel Aviv.  He died in Haifa.

Sources: Toyzent yor pinsk (1000 years of Pinsk), ed. Tzvien (New York, 1941), see index; aim Gvati, Gvat, mekorot vekorot (Gvat, sources and history) (1955).
Khayim Leyb Fuks

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