Tuesday 26 June 2018


YOYSEF ERENKRANTS (ca. 1905-ca. 1958)
            He was born in the town of Vasilkovits (Vasyl’kivtsi), eastern Galicia.  His father was a Hebrew teacher.  On his mother’s side he was related to Velvl Zbarzher.  After graduating in Bucharest as a medical doctor, he soon went to the Soviet Union, before returning to Romania.  During WWII he contributed to Tshernovitser bleter (Czernowitz sheets) and Ikuf-bleter (IKUF sheets).  He died of tuberculosis in Romania.

Sources: Shloyme Bikl, in Idisher kemfer (New York) (Passover, 1961); Bikl, Rumenye (Romania) (Buenos Aires, 1961), pp. 114-15.
Leyb Vaserman

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