Thursday 21 June 2018


SHOLEM-ALTER EFTER (1861-October 19, 1938)
            He hailed from Ukraine, the son of a rabbi.  Until age nineteen he studied in yeshivas, thereafter departing for Bessarabia and becoming a cantor in the city synagogue in Telenești.  In 1919 he arrived in the land of Israel.  He lived in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and supported his family through work.  He was the author of Yiddish and Hebrew storybooks and poetry on contemporary themes.  In book form, among others: Arbayter betrug (Labor fraud) and Sipur nifla (A wonderful story) (Tel Aviv-Jerusalem, 1925-1928), each 20 pp.  A number of his poems from the era of the third aliya were republished in the anthology Haifa 4 (Haifa 4) (1967).  He died in Tel Aviv.
Khayim Leyb Fuks

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