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AYIM-DOV ARMON (b. August 8, 1896)
            The Hebraized name of Khayim-Dov Kestenboym, he was born in the village of Dembov (Dębów), near Belsko, Galicia, to a father who was a landowner.  He studied religious subjects at home with home tutors, at a high school, and at the Universities of Vienna, Berlin, and Berne.  He graduated as a librarian.  He began to write for publication in Lemberger tageblat (Lemberg daily newspaper), later contributing to the Viennese Zionist press: Die jüdische Zeitung (The Jewish newspaper).  He went on to serve as editor of Jüdische Presse (Jewish press) in Berlin.  He also wrote for Jüdische Rundschau (Jewish review) and Zion (Zion) in Berlin.  He experienced six years of Hitler’s hell in German, until he received one of the eight certificates (for Zionist veterans in Germany) to go to the land of Israel.  From 1939 he was living in Tel Aviv.  He contributed there to virtually all Hebrew newspapers.  Aside from historical legends and novellas, he also published a series of translations, such as Sefer hamada leharambam (The book of knowledge of the Rambam [Maimonides]) and a short biography of Maimonides in Yiddish.  He also placed work in Unzer tsayt (Our time) and Letste nayes (Latest news) in Tel Aviv.  In addition, he published stories in Der amerikaner (The American) in New York.

Source: D. Tidhar, in Entsiklopedyah lealutse hayishuv uvonav (Encyclopedia of the pioneers and builders of the yishuv), vol. 4 (Tel Aviv, 1950), p. 2491.
Benyomen Elis

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