Friday 22 June 2018


            He came from Lodz and worked as a weaver.  He published poetry in Lodz publications and also in the collection Varshever shriftn (Warsaw writings) (1927).  His poems had an impact on Yiddish literary circles in Lodz.  He also a roused a sensation in the Lodz press for his public opposition to the well-known Lodz textile magnate Osher Kohn.  With Nazi Germany’s invasion of Poland, he was in Bialystok.  His subsequent fate remains unknown.

Sources: N. Taykh, in Unzer lodzh (Our Lodz) (Buenos Aires, 1954); Y. Goldkorn, in Zayn (New York) (May 1962); Goldkorn,  Lodzher portretn, umgekumene yidishe shrayber un tipn (Lodz portraits, murdered Yiddish writers and types)  (Tel Aviv, 1963), pp. 168-73.
Benyomen Elis

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