Monday 18 June 2018


YANKEV EPELBOYM (October 1887-January 29, 1972)
            He was born in the village around Pruzhane (Pruzhany), Belarus.  He received a traditional education.  He began writing very early.  Many of his manuscripts remained in Europe and were lost.  He immigrated to Uruguay, and contributed to the local Yiddish press.  He wrote essays of a religious philosophical character.  He published a book entitled Fun eygene un fremde kvaln, a zaml-bukh far kinder un yugntlekhe (From my own and foreign sources, an anthology for children and young people) (Montevideo, 1946).  He authored a lengthy essay entitled “Dos gefil fun tragik in yidishn veltbanem” (The sense of tragedy in the Jewish worldview).  A fragment of the essay, entitled “Di yidishe velt-oyffasung in biblishn period” (The Jewish world view in the biblical period), was published in Zamlbukh (Anthology), published by the knitting factory on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the institution, edited by Gershon Sapozhnikov (Buenos Aires, 1961), pp. 284-86.  He died in Montevideo.

Sources: “Nayn bikher in yidish” (Nine books in Yiddish), Tsukunft (New York) (March 1946; June 1946).

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