Monday 13 November 2017


ZEV-VOLF METSHIK (1849-January 25, 1953)
            He was born in Brisk (Brest), Lithuania.  He was living in London in the 1890s, where (1894-1895) he published and edited the weeklies Hatsofe (The spectator), Yudisher observer (Jewish observer), and Yudisher advertayzer (Jewish advertiser).  In London he founded Jewish educational institutions.  In 1912 he arrived in the United States.  Over the course of thirty years, he served as executive secretary of the Hebrew Day Nursery in New York.  On his 100th birthday he withdrew from this position and was saluted by President Truman for his contributions to the Jewish education in America.  He lived until the age of 103 and died in New York.

Sources: Dr. Y. Shatski, “Prese bay yidn” (The press among Jews), in Algemeyne entsiklopedye (General encyclopedia), “Yidn 3” (New York, 1942), p. 253; obituary notices in the Yiddish press; American Jewish Yearbook, vol. 55.
Zaynvl Diamant

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