Sunday 15 May 2016


DOVID VAYNTROYB (1888-December 15, 1918)
            He was born in Vilna, Lithuania, to poor parents.  He studied in religious elementary school.  At age twelve he became a hat-maker.  He later joined the revolutionary movement and was arrested and exiled to Siberia.  In 1911 he moved to the United States and was active in the Cap-Makers’ Union.  He published poems in various publications, such as: Tog (Day) and Forverts (Forward), among others.  In May 1918 he was recruited into the American army and until December was in New York’s military “uptown camp,” where he fell ill with a lung inflammation and died.

Source: Menakhem (Boreysho), in Der tog (New York) (December 22, 1918).

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