Monday 16 May 2016


            He was born in Kiev, Ukraine.  He studied in religious primary school and synagogue study hall, later becoming a merchant.  He author storybooks. Among them: Getlikhe libe, eyn hekhst interesanter ideser roman historitsiske geshikhte fun alte tsaytn (Divine love, an extremely interesting Jewish novel, fictionalized history from olden times) (Warsaw, 1885), 42 pp., with a preface in prose and verse.  The novel conveys the love of Solomon and Shulamit, following motifs from Song of Songs, and is written in a versified prose, figuratively and with florid language on every passage in Song of Songs.  The original was published on top of the Yiddish text.  This booklet also had an “Introduction to the scroll of Song of Songs (Shir hashirim) by the sage Yehuda Leyb ben Zeev” and an apology from the author in which he writes [in rhyme]: “And to the reader of zhargon (Yiddish) I now turn.  And, in our own language I explain clearly.  Not only for notice.  I have done this out of love for you.”  Vayner was also the author of storybooks which he signed “Avih.”  Further biographical details remain unknown.
Khayim Leyb Fuks

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