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LEYZER VAYS (1903-November 10, 1930)
            He was born in Tshenstokhov (Częstochowa), Poland, into a poor working family.  In his youth he worked as a shoemaker, later as a locksmith.  At the same time he was studying, graduated from a high school, and went on to study law at the Universities of Warsaw, Lemberg, and Cracow from which he received his law degree.  He was an active youth leader in the left Labor Zionist party in Częstochowa and Cracow.  In the last years of his life, he was active as a lawyer in Cracow, chairman of the local Y. L. Perets Library and secretary of the library center of the Labor Zionists in Poland.  In 1926 he led a course in Jewish librarianship in Warsaw.  He was the author of Hantbukh far biblyotekn (Handbook for libraries) (Warsaw, 1929), 92 pp.  He died in Cracow.

Sources: Fraye yugnt (Warsaw) (December 1930); Y. Kener, Tshenstokhover yidn (The Jews of Częstochowa) (New York, 1947), pp. 148-49.
Khayim Leyb Fuks

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