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AVROM VAYSBROD (November 21, 1907-September 1980)
            He was born in Skalat, Tarnopol district, eastern Galicia.  He studied in religious elementary school and in public school.  He lived in Skalat until 1931 and he was active there in Hitaḥdut (the “union” of young Zionists).  From the beginning of WWI until June 1941, he was in Lemberg.  He was deported by the Nazis from that ghetto to the Yanov (Janów Podlaski) concentration camp, and he was also in other camps, before being liberated in 1945.  He lived in Lodz until 1946 and then Munich.  From 1948 he was in the United States.  He authored the book: Es shtarbt a shtetl, megiles skalat (A town dies, chronicle of Skalat) (Munich, 1948), 184 pp., with a foreword by Yisroel Kaplan.[1]  This book was the first publication of the central historical commission with the central committee of the liberated Jews in the American zone in Germany.  Chapters of his book were published earlier in the anthology, Fun letstn khurbn (From the last destruction) (Munich, 1947-1948), Al hamishmar (On guard) (Tel Aviv), and other Yiddish and Hebrew newspaper.  He died in Lakewood, New Jersey.

Sources: Y. Goldkorn, in Bafrayung (Munich) (September 17, 1948); Y. Freylikh, in Unzer veg (New York) (October 1, 1949); Libe Sh. Davidovitsh, in Tsukunft (New York) (March 1950).

[1] There is an English translation by Lusia Milch and Joseph Kofler, The Death of a Shtetl (1995), and a Hebrew translation by Shimʻon Gelbets from the English, Skalat, mota shel ayara (Tel Aviv, 2002)—JAF.

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