Monday 24 November 2014


     Born in Lovitsh (Łowicz), Poland, he attended religious elementary school and yeshivas.  Until the war began in 1939, he was living in Warsaw.  He was an active member of the Zionist groups, Et Livnot (A time to build) and Maccabi.  As the Nazis approached Warsaw, he escaped to Lemberg, was arrested there and sent to Siberia, and was released there in August 1941.  He settled in Central Asia and worked for a long period of time on a collective farm.  In 1945 he returned to Moscow, and during repatriation in 1946 to Poland.  In March 1950 he made aliya to the state of Israel.  In 1952 he was in Paris and from there went on to Brazil.  He was living in São Paulo.  He began writing for Moment (Moment) in 1921, as a reporter.  He contributed to Dos naye lebn (The new life), wrote correspondence pieces from Poland for Haarets in Tel Aviv, Morgn-zhurnal (Morning journal) in New York, Yidishe tsaytung (Jewish news) in Buenos Aires, and Afrikaner tsaytung (African newspaper) in Johannesburg, among others.  He edited Der nayer moment (The new moment) in São Paulo.  He published in Yidishe shriftn (Yiddish writings) (Warsaw, 1946-1949).  In 1967 he published a memoir entitled Varshe fun nekhtn (Warsaw of yesterday) (São Paulo), 231 pp. 
 Among his pseudonyms: Bar-Nash, Ben-Mortkhe, and Yitskhokl.

Sources: Yidisher gezelshaftlekher leksikon (Jewish societal handbook), vol. 1 (Warsaw, 1939), p. 805; Y. Yanosovitsh, in Arbeter-vort (Paris) (April 15, 1952).

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