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Born in Zlotshev (Złoczew), Lodz region.  He attended religious elementary school and worldly subjects with a private teacher.  He later graduated from a Jewish public high school in Konin, Kalish region.  In 1925 he entered Warsaw University.  He was an active leader in the youth circle around Ber Borokhov, in the “community evening courses for laborers,” and in the academic circles surrounding Borokhov—all in Warsaw.  He published articles, principally on cultural and educational matters, in the left Poale-Tsiyon youth organ, Di fraye yugnt (Free youth), in Warsaw.  In 1927 he joined the Communists.  He later made a trip to China and published a series of articles and reportage pieces about China in the Warsaw paper, Haynt (Today).  At the time of the outbreak of WWII, he escaped to Brest and was a contributor to Brisker emes (Brest truth).  He published as a book: Khine (China) (Vilna, 1940), 268 pp. (with pictures), likely the last Yiddish-language book published in Vilna.  After Soviet Russia was betrayed by Hitler, he moved further into Russian terrain.  His subsequent career is unknown.

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