Friday 28 November 2014


He lived in Warsaw and was a regular contributor to the Orthodox press: Der yud (The Jew), Dos yidishe vort (The Jewish word), Togblat (Daily news), and Yugnt-bleter (Youth news), all in Warsaw.  He was a teacher and the director of Orthodox schools, as well as the director of the Khavatselet high school, in Warsaw.  He authored textbooks for use in religious education: Vezot haberakha (And this is the blessing), “a volume to study religion in school and at home, concerning the blessings, prayers, and Jewish laws, in Loshn-koydesh [Hebrew and Aramaic] and in Yiddish” (Bendin: Levin Alter), 50 pp.; Shul-bukh far yidisher geshikhte, loytn tanakh (Schoolbook for Jewish history, according to the Hebrew Bible), part one (Bendin: Levin Alter, 1929).  He was killed while under Nazi rule.

Source: Oral information from Rabbi Dr. M. Shvartsman in Winnipeg, Canada.

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