Monday 24 November 2014


Born in Odessa, he was a teacher at a Talmud-Torah (elementary school for poorer children).  He emigrated to the United States in the early 1880s with the first group of “Am olam.”  He took part in the socialist movement of tailors in New York.  He wrote about this in Yidishe folkstsaytung (Jewish people’s news) in New York, using the alias “Yisroel Ben Olam.”  He was a delegate of the Fareynikte yidishe geverkshaftn (United Hebrew Trades) to the first congress of the Second Socialist International in Paris in 1889.  He also took part in one of the first Yiddish theater performances in the United States, together with Boris Tomashevsky, in 1882.  He wrote the plays, such as Di vanzinige pogrom (The maniacal pogrom), among others.  He edited the serial Shnayder-farband (Tailors union).  He died in Pennsylvania about 1900.

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