Monday 17 November 2014


AVROM BAROF (ABRAHAM BAROFF) (May 20, 1872-September 27, 1932)
At the age of nineteen, he came to New York and worked in a factory.  Over the years 1915-1929, he was the chief secretary of the International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union.  He led the strike of garment workers in 1909.  He published in Gerekhtikayt (Justice) in New York, and he put out a booklet entitled Tipn un bilder (Types and images) (New York, 1910), 226 pp.

Sources: Gerekhtikayt (October 1932); Sh. Yanovski, in Gerekhtikayt (November 1932); Y. Raykh, in Forverts (September 29, 1932); L. Finkelshteyn, in Tog (October 8, 1932).

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