Monday 3 November 2014


ABBA (ABE) BALOSHER (1868-March 27, 1944)
     He was born in Svir (Swir), Vilna district.  He lived in Kovno, Lithuania.  He was one of the most prominent, local cultural leaders and a Hebrew-language maskil.  He wrote articles for Yidishe shtime (Jewish voice) in Kovno.  Among his books: Der patron fun dem beys hayesoymim rebe yitskhok elkhonen spektor zts”l (Patron of the orphanage, Rebbe Yitskhok Elchanan Spektor, may the memory of this righteous person be for a blessing) (Kaunas, Kislev 1939), 46 pp.  He died during an action against older people in the Kovno ghetto.

Source: Yoysef Gar, Umkum fun der yidisher kovne (Destruction of Jewish Kovno) (Munich, 1948).

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