Tuesday 30 April 2019


ARN-VOLF RABINOVITSH (1853-July 5, 1932)
            He was born in Stavisk, Poland.  He graduated from rabbinical seminary in Breslau.  He lived in Königsberg, Paris, and from 1880 London.  There he had a publishing house for Yiddish and Hebrew publications.  He was a socialist, later a “ovev-tsiyon” (Lover of Zion).  His principal significance for Yiddish was the publishing and editing (with Morris Winchevsky) of the journal Der poylisher idel (The Polish Jew) in London (1-5, 1884), which later appeared under the title Di tsukunft (The future).  He died in London.

Sources: Getzel Kressel, in Baderekh (Tel Aviv) (September 1967).

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