Tuesday 23 April 2019


ABE-YITSKHOK KRIM (July 1890-July 12, 1962)
            A scholar and translator, he was born in Pikeln (Pikeliai), Lithuania.  He studied in the local religious elementary school, in Lithuanian yeshivas, and in a Latvian high school.  In 1906 he came to the United States.  He studied, 1913-1916, at Hebrew Union College and at universities in Cincinnati and Philadelphia.  He received his doctor of philosophy degree.  From 1917 he was a Reform rabbi.  For a long period of time, he lived in Newark.  From 1906 he published from time to time translations of Yehuda Shteynberg, Hans Christian Andersen, and Multatuli [pseud. Eduard Douwes Dekker], as well as his own articles, poems, and stories in: Varhayt (Truth), Fraye arbeter shtime (Free voice of labor), Der amerikaner (The American)—including, among other items, a translation of A. Mapu’s Ahavat tsiyon (Love of Zion)—Idisher kemfer (Jewish fighter), Shikago (Chicago), and Nuarker vokhenblat (Newark weekly newspaper) (1911, also under the pen name Feniks.  He published a series of articles under the titles “Dos yudentum als velt religon” (Jewry as a world religion) and “Di foters fun yudentum” (The fathers of Jewry) in Idishe shtime (Jewish voice) in New York; and in Der amerikaner (1923-1924), “Filos dos bukh fun veltshefung” (Philo’s book on the creation of the world) and John Milton, “Der ferlorener gan eydn” (Paradise Lost).  He wrote a great deal in English, mainly on topics concerned with Jewish wisdom.  In Hebrew he published: Hafilosofiya shel yeme habenayim (Philosophy of the Middle Ages) (Newark, 1925), 24 pp.  He died in New York.
Berl Cohen


  1. This is very interesting. Our family has been doing Krim genealogy research and would be interested to know the original source of the information on ABE-YITSKHOK KRIM to see if there might be some additional information about family... siblings\parents etc. Any help would be appreciated. Mark McConway - Fife, Scotland

  2. Unfortunately, this is just a translation. If the author, Berl Cohen, is still with us, you could contact him.

    1. Thanks for the speedy response, Joshua. Much appreciated. At the risk of appearing silly, is there a way to contact Berl here?

  3. I honestly don't know, having never met him. Try Googling to see if he's still with us. Sorry.

  4. No worries - you've been very helpful. Thanks Joshua.