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MOSES FREEMAN (February 19, 1859-June 7, 1937)
            He was born in Odessa, Russian empire.  He studied in religious elementary school, in the Romanovka yeshiva, and in the great yeshiva of Odessa.  He was one of those who founded “Am Olam” (Eternal people [Russian Jewish agricultural colonies]) in 1880.  He organized the second contingent of “Am Olam” and was with the group, including his family, that in 1882 came to New York.  They attempted to establish and outfit a farm in Vineland, New Jersey, and after it collapsed they returned to New York in 1884 to look for work.  He left for Philadelphia, where he initially took up work as a peddler.  He later had a variety of livelihoods.  In 1892 he edited and published Di idishe prese (The Jewish press), “a weekly newspaper for elucidation, truth, light, and unity” (August 26, 1892-March 23, 1894).  He also contributed to: Di idishe velt (The Jewish world); Bris akhim buletin (Brotherhood bulletin), a monthly journal; Propaganda-blat far der bris akhim organizatsye (Propaganda paper for the Brotherhood organization), edited by B. Tirkl; and co-edited Di filadelfyer prese (The Philadelphia press), a weekly newspaper (four issues).  In book form: Fuftsig yohr geshikhṭe fun idishen leben in filadelfye (Fifty years of Jewish life in Philadelphia, 1879-1929), part 1 (Philadelphia: Mid-City Press, 1929), 213 pp., part 2 (1934), 318 pp. (Philadelphia: Kultur, 1934).  This work is of considerable importance as a source on the history of Jewish immigration to America.  He died in Philadelphia.

Sources: Dovid-Ber Tirkl, in Pinkes (New York) 1 (1928), pp. 260-62; Dr. A. Mukdoni, in Morgn-zhurnal (New York) (May 29, 1945).
Yankev Kahan


  1. He was my Great Uncle on my Mother's side. I have a photo of him as well as both (Yiddish) volumes of Fifty Years of Jewish Life in Philadelphia.

  2. Steve he was my great grandfather!!!!!!

  3. He was my ggf! On my fathers side!!!

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  5. He was my great grandfather on my mother's side!