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            He came from Galicia.  He lived in Vienna, Pressburg (Bratislava), and Budapest.  He was a Yiddish and Hebrew teacher.  Over the years 1896-1904, he lived in the United States.  He wrote for Di idishe gazette (The Jewish gazette) and Der teglikher herald (The daily herald), among others, pulp novels, such as: “Geheymnisn fun keyzerlikhn hoyf” (Secrets of the emperor’s court), “Gelebt un gelibt” (Lived and loved), and “Dos blutmerkhen fun tisa esler” (The blood tale from Tisa Esler), among others, which later appeared in booklet format.  In 1905 he returned to Hungary.  He founded the publisher “Naye yidishe biblyotek” (New Jewish library), which was set to publish a variety of Yiddish pamphlets.  Although Fridman revised a novel at the will of the Satmer Rebbe, only one volume appeared in print: Dos blutmerkhen fun tisa esler (Satmer, 1905), 29 pp.

Source: Y. Y. Kohen, in Kriyat sefer (Jerusalem) (Kislev [= December] 1959).
Khayim Leyb Fuks

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