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MENAKHEM-NOKHUM FRIDMAN (b. November 25, 1879)

            He was born in Ștefănești, Romania, into a rabbinical-Hassidic family, the great grandson of the rebbe, R. Yisroel Ruzhiner.  He was raised in Bohush by his grandfather.  He married the daughter of R. Yisroel Chortkover.  He settled in Chortkiv with his father-in-law and studied there for ten years.  In 1907 he left Chortkiv and became rebbe in Ițcani, Bukovina.  During WWI he fled to Vienna and remained there until 1921.  Afterward, he returned and settled in Ștefănești.  He published the religious texts: Divre menaḥem (The words of Menaḥem) (Cracow, 1913); Man (Mannah), a commentary in three parts on tractate Avot (Fathers) (Vienna, 1920 and 1921; Czernowitz, 1925), in which he strove to make peace between faith and Jewish Enlightenment; Haḥalom vepatranu (The dream and our interpreter) (Czernowitz, 1925), a text with considerable information about dreams, from both Jewish philosophy and from general knowledge—from Socrates to Freud—and from his own experiences in the field.  He also wrote articles for the newspaper Biblyotek idishe visenshaft (Library of Jewish scholarship) in Jassy (Iași) and for other Hebrew and Yiddish newspapers under the pen name Kilay.  Further information remains unknown.

Source: Zalmen Reyzen, Leksikon, vol. 3.
Yankev Kahan

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