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            He was a lecturer in literature at the Number Two Moscow State University.  He authored textbooks which were used in Jewish schools in the Soviet Union, among them (co-authored with N. Oylender and Y. Bakst): Arbet un kamf, literarishe khrestomatye, hilfsbukh farn firtn, finftn un zekstn lernyor (Work and struggle, a literary reader, textbbok for the fourth, fifth, and sixth school year) (Moscow, 1926), 530 pp.; Arbet kinder, alefbeyz (Labor’s children, the alphabet) (Moscow, 1926), 97 pp.; Arbet kinder, khrestomatye un arbets-bukh farn ershtn lernyor, nokhn alefbeyz (Labor’s children, reader and workbook for the first school year, after the alphabet) (Moscow, 1926), 110 pp.; Arbet kinder, alefbeyz far onheyber (Labor’s children, the alphabet for beginners) (Moscow, 1930), 106 pp.; Tsum nayem lebn, alefbeyz far dervaksene (Toward a new life, the alphabet for adults) (Moscow, 1932), 64 pp.—the latter four with Y. Bakst.  There has been no information about him since 1936.

Sources: Biblyografishe yorbikher fun yivo (Bibliographic yearbooks from YIVO) (Warsaw, 1928), see index; N. Rubinshteyn, Dos yidishe bukh in sovetnfarband in 1932 (The Yiddish book in the Soviet Union in 1932), (Minsk, 1933), see index; Chone Shmeruk, comp., Pirsumim yehudiim babrit-hamoatsot, 1917-1961 (Jewish publications in the Soviet Union, 1917-1961) (Jerusalem, 1961), see index; “Nokhum Oyslender” and “Y. Bakst,” in Leksikon fun der nayer yidisher literatur (Biographical dictionary of modern Yiddish literature), vol. 1 (New York, 1956).
Khayim Leyb Fuks

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