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DANIEL FRISH (FRISCH) (September 21, 1897-March 7, 1950)
            He was born in the land of Israel.  For many years he lived in Romania.  In 1921 he moved to the United States, and there he became a Hebrew teacher.  He was active in the Zionist Organization.  He contributed work to: New Palestine and Dos yidishe folk (The Jewish people), among other Zionist publications.  He also authored the pamphlet Tsienistishe organizatsye in amerike (Zionist Organization in America) (Washington, 1944).  He was president of the American Zionist Organization.  In book form: Dos heymland, a rayze in erets-yisroel (The homeland, a voyage in the land of Israel) (New York, 1947), 32 pp.  He died in New York.

Source: H. Y. Alderman, in Jewish Book Annual (New York) (1951-1952), p. 47.
Benyomen Elis

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