Friday 16 August 2019


KHANE SHTEYNBERG (HANNAH STEINBERG) (June 10, 1896-February 4, 1942)
            She was a poetess, born in Kamenets-Podolsk (Kamianets-Podilskyi).  She graduated from a Russian high school.  In 1914 she emigrated to Montreal.  She began publishing poetry in Royerd (Raw earth).  She contributed as well to: Keneder odler (Canadian eagle) from 1927, Nuansn (Nuances), and Montreol (Montreal)—in Montreal; and Nyu-yorker vokhnblat (New York weekly newspaper) and Di feder (The pen) in New York; among others.  In book form: Bleter in vint, lider (Leaves in the wind, poetry) (Montreal, 1944), 74 pp.  She died in Montreal.

Sources: Kh. M. Kayzerman, Idishe dikhter in kanade (Yiddish poets in Canada) (Montreal, 1934), pp. 113-15; Moyshe-Mortkhe Shafir, in Toronter vokhnblat (Toronto weekly newspaper) (Toronto) (February 9, 1945); B. Grin, in Morgn frayhayt (new York) (February 16, 1945).
Khayim Leyb Fuks

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