Wednesday 28 August 2019


AVROM SHEYNFELD (February 11, 1904-August 1972)
            He was born in Bucharest.  His father was a community rabbi in Romania.  In 1948 he departed for Paris and in 1951 for New York.  He wrote a great deal for Romanian newspapers.  In 1922 he began translating revue plays for the Yiddish theater in Bucharest; he wrote for the Romanian Jewish humorist Ion Fribeagn (Itsik Lazarovitsh).  Such plays include: Bay undz in bukaresht (With us in Bucharest), Men lebt un men lakht (People live and laugh), Okum fakus (?), and others.  He also published articles in: the daily newspaper Unzer vort (Our word) in Paris; and Tog (Day) and Amerikaner (American) in New York, on Hassidic life in Romania in the past.  He died in New York.
Y. Kara

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