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YEKHEZKL (CHARLES) FELDMAN (b. January 27, 1895)
            He was born in Lublin, Poland.  He received a traditional Jewish education.  At age thirteen he emigrated with his parents to the United States and was employed as an X-ray technician in the state hospital on Ellis Island.  He was a member of the executive of the Jewish cultural association, and he was active in the radical movement.  He taught the art of painting and held showings of his own works.  He gave lectures on art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.  He contributed poetry, essays, reviews of art, and propaganda articles in: Forverts (Forward) and Fraye arbeter-shtime (Free voice of labor) in New York; and in Arbayter-fraynd (Friend of labor) in London.  He edited the sole issue to appear of Di naye renasans (The new renaissance) in New York (1921), with contributions by Moyshe Nadir, M. L. Halperin, and others.  He translated poetry by Max Dauthendey, Peter Hille, and Richard Dehmel.  He was last living in New York.

Source: Shmuel Niger, in Tog (New York) (April 3, 1921).
Yankev Kahan

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