Friday 23 November 2018


ROSE FERSTER-MEKLER (b. February 19, 1892)
            She was born in Otik (Ataki, Otaci), Bessarabia.  She studied at Kiev University, and in 1921 she arrived in the United States and worked in New York as a nurse.  From 1947 she studied from time to time at Brooklyn College.  In 1962, at age seventy, she received her college diploma, Bachelor of Arts.  She wrote her first works in Russian.  She also wrote poetry and prose in English.  In Yiddish she published poems and stories in the quarterly journal Unzer bukh (Our book) and elsewhere in New York.  She was last living in Brooklyn.

Sources: M. Likht, Af di randn, vegn literatur (At the edges, concerning literature) (Buenos Aires, 1956), pp. 67-78; Forverts (New York) (February 5, 1962); Tog-morgn-zhurnal (New York) (February 5, 1962).
Benyomen Elis

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