Friday 30 November 2018


            He was born in Telenesht (Telenesti), Bessarabia.  He studied in religious elementary school, a yeshiva in Odessa, and with private tutors.  In 1906 he moved to Argentina.  He worked on the land for a while, and later he was a business employee.  He became active in the first Labor Zionist group in Buenos Aires.  He was one of the first poets in pioneering Yiddish-language periodicals.  He published lyrical and ethnic nationalist poetry, short stories, and translations of midrashim in: Broyt un ere (Bread and honor), Der avangard (The avant-garde), and Di idishe hofenung (The Jewish aspiration) in Buenos Aires (1908-1913); later contributing to Di idishe tsaytung (The Jewish newspaper) and in Hebrew to Dorem (South), among others, in Buenos Aires.  In book form: Lider (Poetry) (Buenos Aires, 1920), 96 pp., with a preface by Moyshe Pintshevski.  In late 1933 he made aliya to the land of Israel.

Sources: Sh. Rozhanski, Dos yidishe gedrukte vort un teater in argentine (The published Yiddish word and theater in Argentina), vol. 1 (Buenos Aires, 1941), pp. 135, 176-77; Y. Botoshanski, Mame yidish (Mother Yiddish) (Buenos Aires, 1949), p. 212.
Khayim Leyb Fuks

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