Friday 30 November 2018


GAD FRUMKIN (August 2, 1887-March 1960)
            The son of Yisrael-Dov Frumkin and the brother of Avrom Frumkin, he was born in Jerusalem.  He was a lawyer working for the Turkish government and later chief justice of the peace in Jerusalem.  He was also chairman of the youth organization “Bnei Yehuda” (Children of Judah).  From 1920 he was president of the society for Jewish law (Mishpat Haivri).  He served on the editorial board of his father’s Haavatselet (The daffodil), later becoming full-fledged editor.  He wrote journalistic articles in Yiddish and Hebrew under the pen name “Gefen.”  He died in Jerusalem.

Sources: Sefer haishim (Biographical dictionary) (Tel Aviv, 1937), pp. 396-97; A. R. Malachi, in Hadoar (New York) (June 6, 1947).

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