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            He was born in Zborov (Zboriv), Galicia, a nephew of the writer Rabbi Binyamin.  He received a Jewish and a general education.  He lived in Warsaw over the years 1922-1938.  He studied at Warsaw University, and he graduated with a masters of philosophy degree for a work on the Jews of Kalish (Kalisz) until the end of the sixteenth century.  From 1924 he was a member of Jewish historians’ circle, initially that of Dr. Emanuel Ringelblum and later (until 1938) of the “historians’ circle at the YIVO group in Warsaw.”  He was active in the “Jewish Association for Agriculture.”  He began his writing activities with articles on Jewish historical topics in the weekly newspaper Der veg-vayzer (The guide) in Warsaw (1925-1926), of which he was also editor.  He published the piece “Di eltste yedies vegn yidn in di poylishe shtet in 14tn-17tn yorhundert” (The oldest information about Jews in Polish cities in the fourteenth-sixteenth centuries), Bleter far geshikhte (Pages for history) (Warsaw) 1 (1934), pp. 59-73; and “Tsvey alte yidishe kehiles in lodzher kant” (Two old Jewish communities in the Lodz region), Lodzher visnshaftlekhe shriftn (Lodz scholarly writings) (Lodz) 1 (1938), pp. 3-31.  He contributed to Landkentenish (Agriculture) in both Yiddish and Polish (Warsaw) (1932-1938).  From 1938 he was living in the land of Israel, where he went on to be a teacher in a middle school in Jerusalem.
            His wife, DVORE GOLDBERG-FELDMAN, held a masters of philosophy degree and was a member of YIVO’s historical circle.  In Bleter far geshikhte 1 (1934), pp. 51-57, she published an article entitled “Der handl in der poylishe shtet in der ershter helft fun 16tn yorhundert” (Business in Polish cities in the first half of the sixteenth century).

Sources: Biblyografishe yorbikher fun yivo (Bibliographic yearbooks from YIVO) (Warsaw, 1928), see index; A. V. Yasni, in Foroys (Warsaw) (September 5, 1938); Yivo-biblyografye, 1925-1941 (YIVO bibliography, 1925-1941) (New York, 1943), see index; Bela Mandelsberg-Szyldkraut, Mekarim letoldot yehude lublin (On the history of Lublin Jewry), ed. Dr. R. Mahler (Tel Aviv, 1965), pp. 31-33.
Khjayim Leyb Fuks

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