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YISROEL V. MARKUS (1884-May 7, 1946)
            He hailed from Lithuania, the son of the rabbi of Riteve (Rietavas), Rabbi Meyer Falk, and the younger brother of Barukh Markus who served as rabbi in Yafo and Haifa.  He was for many years a contributor, and for a time editor, of the daily newspaper Idisher kuryer (Jewish courier) in Chicago.  Aside from other items, he published in it essays on the weekly portion from the Pentateuch and the prophets.  He also placed work in Shikagoer vokhnblat (Chicago weekly newspaper), Zuntog kuryer (Sunday courier) in Chicago, and Der idisher kempfer (The Jewish fighter) in Philadelphia (1906-1907).  Together with N. Kravyets, Markus was co-editor of the weekly Kuryer (Courier) in Chicago in 1940.  In book form: Geklibene perl fun unzer kultur-oytser (Selected pearls from our cultural treasury), vol. 1: Breyshes, shmoys, vayikro (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus) (Chicago: M. Tseshinski, 1942), 257 pp., with a foreword by Dr. Shloyme Goldman.  Markus died suddenly in Chicago.  After his death, there appeared: Geklibene perl fun unzer kultur-oytser, vol. 2: Bamidbor, dvorim, yon-toyvim, megiles (Numbers, Deuteronomy, holidays, scrolls) (New York: Oym, 1947), 240 pp.  He usually signed his name: Dr. Yisroel Markus.

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Zaynvl Diamant


  1. Hello! Yisroel Markus was my great grandfather, and I'm trying to find a copy of the book he wrote "Selected Pearls from our Cultural Treasures." His granddaughter, my mother, is still alive and I'd like to find her a copy. She is 91. Do you know if this book was ever published in English? I don't think she can read Yiddish. Thank you!

    1. Dear Annette, could you please write me at einatm@gmail.com ? I was searching for details about Yisroel - he was the brother of my great grandmother. -Einat

  2. I just checked WorldCat, and it doesn't seem as if any of his works have been translated and published in book form.