Sunday 13 August 2017


            The son of the author and publisher Yude-Leyb Morgenshtern, he was born in Warsaw, Poland.  Until WWI he was the owner of a Jewish print shop, a publishing house, and a bookshop in Warsaw.  He published poetry and humorous sketches in: Der veg (The path), Romantsaytung (Fiction newspaper), and Der shtrahl (The beam [of light])—in Warsaw; among other serials.  He edited literary collections and holiday sheets (1905-1914) in Warsaw, and the monthly Der heyrats farmitler (The wedding middleman), which after its first issue changed to Der heyrats-farmitler-di yugend-velt (The wedding middleman-The world of youth) in Warsaw (1908) for five issues.

Sources: A. Kirzhnits, Di yidishe prese in der gevezener rusisher imperye, 1823-1916 (The Yiddish press in the former Russian empire, 1823-1916) (Moscow, 1930), see index; A. Zak, In onhoyb fun a friling (At the beginning of a spring) (Buenos Aires, 1962), pp. 72-74, 77.
Khayim Leyb Fuks

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