Friday 28 April 2017


            He was born in Kovno, Lithuania.  He graduated as an electrical engineer from Kovno University.  He was an active leader of the Jewish Folks-partey (People’s party) in Lithuania.  He served as secretary of the central administration of the Jewish artisans’ union in Kovno.  From 1925 he was a contributor to the Yiddish press in Lithuania.  He published articles on Jewish artisans’ issues in: Der bal-melokhe (The craftsman) (1925-1926), Folksblat (People’s newspaper) (1930-1938), and Yidisher hantverker (Jewish craftsman) (1938-1940), of which he was also secretary of the editorial board—all in Kovno.  He was among the first Jewish victims of the Nazis, when they occupied Kovno.

Source: Information from Yudel Mark in New York.
Khayim Leyb Fuks

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