Tuesday 4 April 2017


            He was born in Brisk (Brest), son of Moyshe Leyzerovitsh.  He wrote articles for Haynt (Today) and the newspaper of the Irgun Di tat (The action) in Warsaw.  When the Germans occupied Warsaw in 1939, he fled to Vilna, and from there with a group of Irgun comrades he traveled through Japan and India, before making aliya in Israel.  He was among the activists in the Irgun in Jerusalem, and thus was arrested in 1944 by the British secret police.  After the 1948 war of independence for the state of Israel, he moved to South Africa, where he worked in Johannesburg on the editorial board of the Revisionist newspaper Jewish Herald.  He died in Johannesburg.  He was brought to Israel and buried in the Mount of Quietudes cemetery in Jerusalem.

Source: Brisk delita (Brisk/Brest, Lithuania) anthology (Jerusalem-Tel Aviv, 1955), p. 300.
Yankev Kahan

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