Sunday 16 April 2017


ROKHL LINOV (RACHEL LEENOV) (December 1889-August 27, 1957)
            She was born in Horki (Gorki), Byelorussia, into a working-class family.  She attended a Russian public school and a Russian high school.  For a time she lived in Vitebsk, where she worked as a teacher and was active in the Zionist youth movement.  In 1914 she moved to the United States where she worked in a sweatshop in New York.  In 1921 she settled in Washington, where she was active in the Women Pioneers.  She published poetry in a variety of journals.  After her death a committee of her friends brought out her book: Lirishe klangen, lider (Lyrical sounds, poems) (Washington, 1958), 158 pp.  She died in Washington.

Source: Y. Freylikhov, introduction to Lirishe klangen, lider (Lyrical sounds, poems) (Washington, 1958).
Benyomen Elis

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