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SHOYEL LINDER (1886-December 24, 1960)
           He was born in Zlatshev (Zolochiv), eastern Galicia.  He attended religious primary school and a Polish public school, but at age fourteen he had to set out on a migratory path.  In the summer of 1900, he arrived in London and, under the influence of Rudolf Rocker, joined the anarchist movement, where for many years he assumed a leading position.  In 1907 he was the London delegate to the international anarchist conference in Amsterdam.  Over the years 1910-1914, he was manager and co-editor of Arbayter fraynd (Workers’ friend) in London, in which, among other items, he published theater reviews.  He was a regular London correspondent for New York’s Fraye arbeter-shtime (Free voice of labor).  In left England in 1918, lived for a time in Sweden and Germany, and in 1923 arrived in New York.  From 1940 he was the manager and from 1950 editor of Fraye arbeter-shtime, for which, among other things, he was in charge of the column “Farvalters vinkl” (Manager’s corner) and published (under the pen name “Sh. L.”) his memoirs (beginning in November 1960) of twenty years with Fraye arbeter-shtime.  Linder made every effort to continue the high level of the newspaper and attracted as contributors writers from a variety of inclinations and opinions.  He died in New York.

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Khayim Leyb Fuks

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