Thursday 6 April 2017


            He was born in a town near Lodz, Poland.  He graduated from Warsaw University and until WWII was a teacher in the Yiddish-Polish public school in Lodz.  He was a member of the administration of the Jewish teachers’ union and of leftist cultural institutions.  He was an organizer of the Esperanto exhibition in Poland in 1935.  He published translations from modern Yiddish literature in Esperanto publications.  He authored: Lernbukh fun der internatsyonaler shprakh esperanto (Textbook of the international language Esperanto) (Lodz, 1926), 96 pp.  There has been no further information about him since WWII.

Sources: Biblyografishe yorbikher fun yivo (Bibliographic yearbooks from YIVO) (Warsaw, 1928), p. 123; Khave Rozenfarb, introduction to Di balade fun nekhtikn vald (The ballad of yesterday’s forest) (Montreal, 1948), p. 5.
Khayim Leyb Fuks

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