Friday 21 April 2017


MARK LEV (b. ca. 1850s)
            In the 1880s, he was living in Kishinev where he worked as a lawyer.  He published a collection of poetry, Naye motivn far dem yidishn folk (New motifs for the Jewish people) (Kishinev, 1886), written in a Christian spirit, and a poem Hodel (Hodl) (Kishinev, 1890), an adapted sentimental theme which at the time was new and even bold in Yiddish literature.  With passable verse, he depicted in the poem the moving fate of a fallen Jewish woman.  Additionally, he was known as the author of a love poem, written in a light, ringing verse and published in the anthology Der kleyner veker (The little alarm) (Odessa, 1890).  He later made his way to England, where he was said to be close to local missionaries.

Source: Zalmen Reyzen, Leksikon, vol. 2.

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