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MOYSHE LEYZEROVITSH (December 1, 1888-1943)
            The father of Yoysef Leyzerovitsh and brother of Yankev Leyzerovitsh, he was born in Brist (Brest), Lithuania, where his father, Leyzer Leyzerovitsh, was an itinerant preacher.  In his youth he joined the Zionist movement, and later stood with the revolutionaries.  After the split in the revolutionary camp over the issue of belonging to the Zionist world movement, he switched to the “party for a Jewish state.”  He was actively involved in the movement in Warsaw and was a delegate to domestic and international Zionist and general conferences.  He wrote a great deal for the general Zionist and Revisionist press and for Haynt (Today) in Warsaw, where he was later one of the most prominent co-editors.  He was active in the administrative authorities of the association of Jewish writers and journalists at 13 Tłomackie St.  During the years of WWII, when the Nazis occupied Warsaw and confined the Jews to the ghetto, Leyzerovitsh remained involved in community cultural affairs as a member of the aid group for Jewish writers, and he worked in the writers’ kitchen, helped prepare children’s performances, and attempted to save cultural activists on the Aryan side of the city.  He participated in the last ghetto seder in 1943 and died in the ghetto.

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Yankev Kahan

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