Sunday 31 May 2015


YITSKHOK GOLDIN (January 15, 1896-1968)
            The son of the Hebrew-Yiddish writer Arye-Khayim Goldin, he was born in Dusiat (Dusetos), Lithuania.  He studied in religious primary school, in a yeshiva in Dvinsk (Daugavpils), and in a Russian middle school.  In 1911 he arrived in Lodz, and until 1936 he was active in the “Tseire Tsiyon” (Young Zionists) Party and later in Poale Tsiyon.  From 1936 he was living in Israel where he was active in Aḥdut haavoda (Union of labor).  He was the founder of a producers’ cooperative.  Later he worked in a weaving factory.  In 1911 he began writing poetry in Russian, and in 1914 he switched to Yiddish.  In 1914 he first published a story in Lodzher folksblat (Lodz people’s newspaper), and from that time forward he published poems and stories as well in Lodzher tageblat (Lodz daily newspaper), In der shtil (In the style) in Lodz (1919), Idishe zhurnalist (Jewish journalist) in Lodz (1919), Bafrayung (Liberation), and Folk un land (People and nation) in Warsaw, among others.  He died in Tel Aviv.

Source: Kh. L. Fuks, in Fun noentn over 3 (New York, 1957).

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