Friday 29 May 2015


ARN GOLDIN (b. 1884)
            He was born in Pinsk, Polyesye.  His father, Ayzik-Ber, was a collector of editions of the Tanakh.  From his early years, he was active in the Zionist movement.  He lived for a time in Beirut, Lebanon.  During WWI, he was plenipotentiary for the Kiev committee to help Jewish war victims.  He later undertook community positions in Rovno.  From 1908 he published articles in Gutmorgn (Good morning) in Odessa, the Russian Poslednie novosti (Latest news) in Kiev, Pinsker shtime (Voice of Pinsk), and Polyeser nayes (Polese news).  From 1929 he was director of the association for the welfare of orphans in Poland.  He died in Jerusalem.

Sources: Pinkes fun yekopo (Records of Yekopo [Yevreyskiy komitet pomoshchi zhertvam voyny—“Jewish Relief Committee for War Victims”]) (Vilna, 1931), see index; R. Feldshuh, Yidisher gezelshaftlekher leksikon (Jewish community handbook) (Warsaw, 1939), p. 661.

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