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EMANUEL GOLOMB (b. early 1870s)
            He was born in Vilna, the son of the writer and musician Zvi-Nisn Golomb.  According to Zalmen Reyzen, he wrote under the pen name “Evtseyn Golomb.”  He composed several storybooks in Hebrew and Yiddish, among them: Khad gadye (An only kid) and Shrekenes fun hundert rendlekh (Fear of one hundred coins)—“two wonderful legends of the Passover seder” (Vilna, 1893), 32 pp.  With his father, he compiled a biographical handbook entitled Ḥemdat yisrael (Treasury of Israel) (Vilna, 1901-1903), 116 pp.—only the first three parts of it appeared in print.  He later lived in Moscow where he published the journal Ogoniok (Little flame).  Further biographical information remains unknown.

Source: Zalmen Reyzen, Leksikon, vol. 1, p. 470—in the biography there for Zvi-Nisn Golomb.

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