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EMANUEL GOLOMB (b. early 1870s)
            He was born in Vilna, the son of the writer and musician Zvi-Nisn Golomb.  According to Zalmen Reyzen, he wrote under the pen name “Evtseyn Golomb.”  He composed several storybooks in Hebrew and Yiddish, among them: Khad gadye (An only kid) and Shrekenes fun hundert rendlekh (Fear of one hundred coins)—“two wonderful legends of the Passover seder” (Vilna, 1893), 32 pp.  With his father, he compiled a biographical handbook entitled Ḥemdat yisrael (Treasury of Israel) (Vilna, 1901-1903), 116 pp.—only the first three parts of it appeared in print.  He later lived in Moscow where he published the journal Ogoniok (Little flame).  Further biographical information remains unknown.

Source: Zalmen Reyzen, Leksikon, vol. 1, p. 470—in the biography there for Zvi-Nisn Golomb.


  1. Dates of E. Golomb's life are (1879-1969) and were taken from his tomb. He shares the tomb with his son Yosef.
    His full name in Russian is Голомб Эммануил Григорьевич.

  2. Emanuel Golomb together with E.M. Fingerit wrote in Russian :
    Голомб, Эммануил Григорьевич.
    Распространение печати в дореволюционной России и в Советском Союзе [Текст] / Э. Г. Голомб, Е. М. Фингерит. - [Москва] : Связь, 1967. - 152 с., 1 л. портр. : ил.; 20 см. скрыть
    На обл. авт. не указаны
    (Distribution of the press in pre-revolutionary Russia and Soviet Union.- Moscow : Svyaz', 1967)

  3. Emanuel Golomb was arrested 28.12.1921 for his political views. In 2003 he was rehabilitated.
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