Tuesday 19 May 2015


H. GOLDOVSKI (1893-October 23, 1948)
            He was born in Rechytsa, Minsk region, Byelorussia.  Following the Russian Revolution of 1905, he emigrated to the United States.  He worked as a Yiddish teacher in Kansas City and Los Angeles.  He began publishing poetry in Idisher kemfer (Jewish fighter) in New York in 1918.  He contributed with poems and critical essays to Tsayt (Time), Oyfgang (Arise), Zunland (Land of sun), Proletarisher gedank (Proletarian idea), Pasifik (Pacific), Kalifornyer yidishe shtime (Jewish voice of California), and Yidish-literarishe heftn (Yiddish literary notebooks), among others.  He was the author of the following volumes of poetry: Unzere teg (Our days) (1934), 127 pp.; Zingt a velt (A world sings), anthology of translated poems (1942), 71 pp.; Likht un gloybn (Light and faith) (1946), 192 pp.—all published in Los Angeles.

Sources: A. Gordin, in Literarishe heftn (Los Angeles) (January 1954); B. Daymontshteyn, in Literarishe heftn (June 1954); Antologye midvest-mayrev (Anthology of midwest and west) (Chicago, 1932-1933), pp. 41-43.

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