Friday 22 May 2015


ARN-ELIMEYLEKH GOLDBERG (b. November 16, 1892)
            He was born in Petrikov (Pietrykaŭ), Lodz region, Poland, into a religious, merchant household.  He studied in religious primary school and in a synagogue study hall.  At age fourteen he became a craftsman, and later he lived in Lodz where he was active in the Bund.  During the strike at Nayes morgenblat (New morning newspaper), he was arrested, and he spent eight months in prison.  In 1913 he left Poland and lived in Copenhagen and later in London.  In 1917 he returned to Russia and was active until 1922 in the Jewish workers’ movement and cultural work.  Still later, he settled in London.  He began writing poetry on labor themes in 1908 and first published in Kopenhager vokhnblat (Copenhagen weekly newspaper) in 1914.  He contributed as well to Arbeter fraynd (Friend of labor), Di tsayt (The times) in London, and to a number of Yiddish serials in Russia over the years 1917-1919.  He also published under the pen names: Ben-Yitskhok, Fon, and A. N., among others.

Source: Avrom Reyzen archive at YIVO.

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