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AVROM LEBENSART (January 11, 1880-February 11, 1909)
            He was born in Stanislav (Stanislavov), eastern Galicia, into a rabbinical family.  In his youth he joined the Zionist movement.  He was among the first contributors to the Yiddish and Hebrew press in Galicia.  He published poetry, stories, translations of German lyrical poetry, and articles—among them the series “Poezye fun talmud” (Poetry from the Talmud)—in: Lemberger togblat (Lemberg daily newspaper) and Nayer lemberger togblat (New Lemberg newspaper)—in Lemberg; Der yudisher veker (The Jewish alarm) and Di naye tsayt (The new times) in Stanislav (1905); and in the Hebrew-language Haet (The times), Hamefatse (The compensator), Luaḥermon (Mt. Hermon calendar), and Hayarden (The garden)—in Lemberg; among others.  His drama Almones (Widows) was staged in the Yiddish theaters of Galicia.  A portion of his Hebrew essays—Kitve avraham lebensart (The writings of Abraham Lebensart)—were published after his death (Stanislav, 1912), 80 pp.  He also wrote under the pen name “Derekh erets.”

Sources: Zalmen Reyzen, Psevdonimen in der yidisher literatur (Pseudonyms in Yiddish literature) (Vilna, 1939), p. 22 (YIVO archives, New York); Gershon Bader, Medina veḥakhameha (The state and its sages) (New York, 1934), p. 128; N. M. Gelber, Toldot hatenua hatsiyonit begalitsiya (History of the Zionist movement in Galicia) (Jerusalem, 1958), p. 440.
Khayim Leyb Fuks

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