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            He was born in Ruzhanoy (Ruzhany), near Slonim, Byelorussia.  In his youth he moved to Bialystok.  He was active in the Zionist Socialists and later with the “Fareynikte” (United socialist party).  He worked with the Perets Children’s Home, in the Yiddish public schools, and in the administration of the Folk Choir with the Jewish School Organization.  In Bialystok, he published stories, feature pieces, and articles in: Dos naye leben (The new life), Unzer lebn (Our life), and Byalistoker almanakh (Bialystok almanac).  He wrote under the pen names Molokhov and Mav.  He was a member of the Bialystok Yiddish Literary Circle.  He was killed in the Bialystok ghetto during the Nazi occupation.  Other biographical details remain unknown.

Sources: Byalistoker almanakh (Bialystok almanac) (Bialystok, 1931); Byalistoker leksikon (Bialystok handbook) (Bialystok, 1935); A. Zbar, in Byalistoker shtime (New York) (April 1954); Y. Rapoport, in Byalistoker shtime (September 1955).
Yankev Kahan

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