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            He came from Warsaw, Poland.  He was the founder of the first modern religious elementary schools in Poland—in Warsaw, at Nalewki 24, Wałowa 11, and elsewhere.  He was the author of textbooks in Hebrew and stylized Yiddish, among others: Bet sefer ḥadash (New library), “an altogether new method to teach beginning children in ninety-three lessons, Hebrew and ethics as well and proper behavior, with songs” (Warsaw, 1894), first edition; Ḥinukh hanearim (Education for young people) (Warsaw, 1896), 120 pp., in Yiddish; Ḥinukh hayeladim (Education for children) (Warsaw, 1897), 67 pp., in Yiddish; and Gidl-bonim (Raising children) (Petrikov, 1898), 12 pp., in Yiddish; among others.  Further biographical details remain unknown.

Source: N. S. (Nokhum Sokolov), in Hatsfira (Warsaw) 64 (1896).
Khayim Leyb Fuks

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