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            He was born in a town near Kovno, Lithuanian, into a rabbinical household.  He attended religious elementary school and yeshivas.  In 1890 he came to Canada and until 1903 was a school teacher in the Talmud Torah of Rabbi M. A. Oshinski.  At the same time, he was a Zionist orator.  He worked as a teacher and later an administrator of the Montreal Talmud Torah.  Over the years 1907-1912, he published (under the pen name Ish Naami) in Keneder older (Canadian eagle) in Montreal a series of articles “Vegn kinder-dertsiung” (On children’s education) and on the “Sod fun undzer eksistents” (Secret of our existence).  He was the author of Kinder ertsiung bay iden, a historishe nokhforshung (Children’s education with Jews, a historical study) (Montreal, 1910), 128 pp., with a Hebrew preface by the author and prefaces by Rabbi Yofe, A. Sh. Isaacs from New York, Rabbi Tsvi Hakohen from Montreal, Ruvn Brainin, and others.  He died in Pittsburgh.

Sources: Y. Rabinovitsh, jubilee volume for Keneder odler (Canadian eagle) (Montreal, 1932); Keneder odler (October 30, 1959).
Khayim Leyb Fuks

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